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TRADEFORCE® Saves Tons of Plastic from Entering the Supply Chain

As of July 2022, one year since the launch of TRADEFORCE, over nine tons of plastic materials have been saved from entering the supply chain. This is due to the importance the brand placed on cutting down plastic packaging on the brand’s hand tool products, including measuring tapes, screwdriver, pliers, pipe cutters, and utility knives. This small step pinpoints TRADEFORCE’s progress in mitigating its impact on the environment, though some challenges remain in certain areas which are still being addressed.

This effort not only conveys the brand’s spirit of respecting the environment, but also differentiates itself from other market players with the vision and insight into sustainable development.

As Sonepar’s exclusive brand, TRADEFORCE shares the corporate sustainable development strategy and targets, and advocates for Sonepar’s ten commitments in promoting sustainability actions, in particular, “be plastic free” and “be circular” for its packaging.

In the long term, TRADEFORCE will keep investing its efforts into developing products with a lower carbon footprint and discovering more ways of going sustainable.

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