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Quality Assurance

Empowering Professional Contractors with Uncompromising Quality.

Quality You Can Depend On

TRADEFORCE is committed to equipping professional contractors with high-quality, dependable tools, safety equipment and installation material accessories, giving them the confidence to take on any job, anywhere.

We only sell through professional trade channels, and our range is designed provide only the essential equipment needed for day-to-day professional use. This puts us in a unique position to ensure that our primary customer – the professional contractor – is the key influence behind everything that we do.

With high-quality, dependable tools and equipment for professionals, TRADEFORCE is here to be the trusted partner through the adventure of being a professional contractor.

High Performance for Professional Use

High-quality material

TRADEFORCE tools are built with high-quality materials for professional use in heavy-loaded tough working conditions.


TRADEFORCE products comply with international and local regulations, laws and industrial standards that help to secure business in the long term and safeguard the health of our users.

Independent Third-Party Testing

TRADEFORCE tools are certified by globally recognized bodies and carry certification marks.

Factory Validation Tests

TRADEFORCE products are put through a range of tests, including Rockwell hardness testing, full function torque testing, microcomputer control electronic testing, and tensile testing, to guarantee optimal quality and performance before they reach our customers’ hands.

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