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Installation accessories are intended to facilitate installation processes, improve efficiency, and secure the durability and functionality of the systems or structures installed. Important for achieving appropriate alignments, connections, and support while adhering to safety and quality standards. Professionals can accomplish reliable and efficient installations in various industries and applications by using the proper installation accessories.


Cable accessories

Worksite material



Connection Box

Work light

Welding Wire

The significance of installation accessories cannot be stressed when it comes to installing a new system or upgrading current equipment. These add-ons are for assuring effective installation procedures and raising the general performance of diverse systems.

A wide range of components, from cables and connections to mounting hardware and installation accessories, are needed for seamless integration and top performance.

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M50 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (30-38mm)
Self-amalgamating Tape, EPR, 5m, 19mm*0.76mm, Black, RoHS 2.0, 69kV, -10°C-80°C
Derivation Box Rectangular
Derivation Box Square
Derivation Box Round
DCL box accessories
M63 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (37-44mm )
M40 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (20-27mm)
M32 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (16-21mm)
M12 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (3-5mm)
Fluid Force 420, 2 Component Casting Compound In Sachet
Fluid Force 210, 2 Component Casting Compound In Sachet
WonderForce, Ready To Use One Component Gel 280 ml, Without Outer Packaging
Gel Force Bleu 450, Ready in One Bottle Gel

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