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TRADEFORCE Expands Worldwide with International Launch

Geneva, 1st September, 2020 – TRADEFORCE, a global provider of hand tools, safety equipment and installation material accessories designed and manufactured exclusively for professionals, announced today its official worldwide launch. By providing professional-level equipment at an affordable price point, TRADEFORCE aims to equip contractors around the world with the essential protective gear and tools they need to take on any job, anywhere. The international launch and future distribution of the TRADEFORCE line will be conducted through an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s leading distributor of tools and professional supplies, which has provided its input and expertise into the design of the newly expanded TRADEFORCE range.

TRADEFORCE’s global launch comes at a time when the professional equipment market is noticeably underserved with high quality equipment at affordable prices. As a result, many professionals struggle to find affordable solutions capable of meeting their demands for safety and high performance, often turning to low quality products from on-line platforms or importers instead. The brand, which was originally launched in Australia in 2005, leverages its experience equipping professional contractors working in extreme environments to provide reliable and affordable equipment that can be depended on to perform from morning through evening each day. These roots in the Australian outback have also given TRADEFORCE its distinctive sense of adventure – a spirit the company believes is essential for any professional contractor trying to navigate the daily challenges that come with the job.

Launching with three core lines – Tools, Safety Equipment and Installation Materials Accessories– TRADEFORCE’s mission is to give professional contractors the confidence they need to take on any job, anywhere. Target customers include general contractors, electricians and MRO professionals, meaning TRADEFORCE products are built to stand up to a range of professional situations. This includes insulated electrical tools for low voltage installation work and essential safety gear to provide protection from unnecessary injury, whether that be from falling objects, welding sparks or any of the other day-to-day hazards associated with installation work.

As a brand exclusively for professional contractors, TRADEFORCE tools are built with high-quality materials for use in heavy-loaded, tough working conditions. Industry quality chrome vanadium steel with extra resistance, is used in TRADEFORCE as a main quality indicator; with S2 steel being used for fastening tools that need to withstand strong torsion, such as screwdrivers. Products also comply with international and local regulations, building codes and laws where required. What’s more, TRADEFORCE has put its concern for the environment at the forefront of the global launch, pioneering a new form of packaging which avoids using plastic blisters where possible.

TRADEFORCE’s global launch will see the brand available to purchase in 8 countries by the end of 2020 through market-leading subsidiaries of its distributor partner, for example Technische Unie in the Netherlands. Working in close partnership with these local companies for the global launch of the brand has enabled TRADEFORCE to enhance its product offerings based on the needs of the industry’s top professionals while enriching distributor’s portfolios to better serve their customers’ needs. In the case of Technische Unie, it is largest technical wholesaler in the Netherland’s, giving it unparalleled insights into the country’s installation, construction and industrial customers.

“Tools and safety equipment are the lifeblood of our profession, but many of our customers are constantly telling us about how they have been let down by poor performing equipment from low-cost imported suppliers,” said Pieter Nieuwenhuijsen, Product Group Manager, Technische Unie. “We understand that professional contractors want access to a range of tools at different price points, but this shouldn’t come at a risk to their safety or livelihood. By adding TRADEFORCE products to our portfolio, we can offer greater choice to our customers without sacrificing on quality.”

“Being able to work with TRADEFORCE on this updated product range means we are now able to provide a product portfolio that satisfies a real need from our customers. Like TRADEFORCE, our mission is to empower professional contractors by ensuring they are properly equipped to deal with the challenges that their work brings. Having the right selection of tools available at the right price is an essential part of that mission, and with TRADEFORCE we are filling a gap in the market that has been left open until now.”

As an exclusive brand for Sonepar, TRADEFORCE is available throughout the Sonepar distributor network. For more details, please visit the official TRADEFORCE website at www.buytradeforce.com

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