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Discover a world of high-quality products that meet your every need!

Having the appropriate hand tools for effective project completion, whether it be in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, or general construction.

Marking Tools

Stripping tools

Cutting tools

Fastening tools

Holding tools

Strike tools

Measuring Tools


Pipe Cutting

VDE Tools

Tool Accessories

Testing Equipment

Hand tools are indispensable for professionals, providing them with the necessary control and precision to carry out their work effectively.

From hammers and screwdrivers to pliers, saws, and measuring tools, these instruments empower professionals to complete tasks efficiently, ensure accuracy, and deliver high-quality results in their respective trades.

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Connection box accessories
PG48 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (37-44mm)
PG42 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (30-38mm)
PG36 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (23-32mm)
PG29 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (18-25mm)
PG21 Polyamide (PA) Gland Light Grey (13-18mm), 10pcs

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