designs and manufactures tools and safety equipment exclusively for professionals. Unlike other brands that claim to be targeted at the professional market, we only sell through selected trade channels, and our range is streamlined to provide only the essential tools needed for day-to-day professional use. This puts us in a unique position to ensure that our primary customer – the professional contractor & specialist – is the key influence behind everything that we do.

Major Customer

  • General Contractors

  • Electricians

    Self-employed or Large Scale Firm

  • Specialized Installers

  • System Integrators

  • MRO Professionals

    Maintenance, Repair, and Operation

Major Industries Served By Our Customer


Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Injury with TRADEFORCE’s Professional Design and Build

As professionals, having the right set of tools and equipment isn’t simply about preparing yourself to deliver the best work possible – it’s about doing so in a way that ensures the long-term health of both you and your business. It goes without saying that no job should be rushed, but it can be equally important that no job be held-up or delayed because of inefficiencies caused by poorly performing gear...

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TRADEFORCE as One-Stop Shop for Essential Professional Equipment (e.g. Young Contractor)

For those just setting out on their adventure in the world of construction, one of the first hurdles can be making sure you’re kitted out for the challenges that lie ahead. Choosing which equipment to put your trust in for this milestone can be daunting in itself, with so much available on the market and a sense of unknown about what type of work could be around the corner...

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Extreme Conditions (Born in Australia, TRADEFORCE is Made to Take on Any Challenge)

Working in professional situations rather than a home or DIY environment is guaranteed to introduce you to some of the most extreme working environments imaginable. Intense weather conditions, fire and electrical hazards – these are par for the course for professional contractors. Being ill-equipped in these type of scenarios means at the very minimum having to do more work than necessary to get the job done...

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